The island of aromas

Πιτυούσα(=covered with pine trees)for the ancient Greek or Isola delle Spezzie (=island of the aromatic plants) for the Franks, Spetses is definitely an island that awakens the senses.

Though located in the Southern edge of Argosaronikos, Spetses is only two hours away from the port of Pireaus, which in combinatietoon with the frequent routes  and the easy access via car, makes it one of the most popular holiday destinations all year.

Spetses breathes the air of a patinated cosmopolitanism, established in the 1920s by POSIDONIO, in the balconies of which governers, ministers, embassiders, captains, adventures and all members of the high society used to hang out, smoke and conspire.

Along with its vivid naval tradition of the 18th and 19th century, the captains and heroes of the 1821 revolution, Eleni Altamoura, the great benefactor Sotiri Anargiro, the mythical Stavro Niarho and Spetsopoula, the island offers ideal resting locations, entertainment spots and cultural corners.

Today’s visitor can enjoy walks in one of the most historic and traditional settelements of Greece and a scarsely occupied natural scenery covered with pine trees. Crystal clear beaches with various access points can be found everywhere as well as exceptional food and entertainment until the morning hours.

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